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It is exciting to welcome you to this project which will lead us, no doubt, to some interesting discoveries. Perhaps you have arrived here because your surname is Redfern (or Redfearn or Redferne) or you are married to someone with that name. Perhaps your connection or interest in the surname is for another reason. Whatever has brought you here, Welcome!

Background to Redferns Worldwide

My name is Andrew Redfern and I am based in Sydney, Australia and have always had a keen interest in family history ever since I was in high school. During COVID, my passion was reignited and the last few years have seen many discoveries unearthed about all lines of my family history. Being a Redfern, I am particularly interested in my paternal line and have undertaken extensive research to try and uncover my ancestors. At present, I am stuck at the mid 1700s in Ireland so have begun this project to try and cast the net wide and far to help break down the Redfern brick wall. You can see some of my family history research at one of my other sites –

Andrew Redfern

Joining in the Community

It is estimated that more than 15000 people across the world have the surname Redfern (or a variant). That is a lot of people! While I don’t expect we will ever reach every single one, the goal is to reach as many as possible and work out if, and then how, we are related. To assist in this task, you may like to consider any one, or all of the following:

  • Contact me and share information you have about your Redfern family
  • Follow the various social media channels about our Redfern Family
  • Ask questions about your own heritage as your particular branch of the Redfern tree may have already been researched
  • Undertake a DNA test and I can advise the best testing strategy for your circumstances
  • Donate to a general fund to allow other Redferns to take a DNA test
  • Volunteer to visit a local library or archives to collect resources
  • Provide ideas as to suggested questions to explore

Whatever or however you want to be involved, your contribution will be welcome and valued.


  1. Mary Randall Redfern Hays

    I have quite a bit of information about Redferns from a John Redfern born in 1805. I believe he was in Londonderry, Ireland. Unfortunately, my information only provides from then on, not to previous generations.

  2. Graham Redfearn

    I am part of the Redfearn family which moved from Derbyshire to County Durham in the 1750s.. There are two groups of Durham Redfearns, my ancestors who are descended from Samuel Redfearn and some from Lydia Redfearn who was possibly Samuels sister. Samuel also had a daughter Lydia.

  3. Ken Buffon

    My husbands grandfather was Percy Redfern who married Alice Crump his mom was Irene redfern and brothers Ron,Ray,Jack and Robert she was the eldest Percy was born 1907 Blackheath

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